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Hair Home Tips

Although we can’t get into the salon at this time while practising social distancing  we would like to share with you some ideas on maintaining your hair at home.

Firstly Please don’t colour your hair at home!

The beautiful colour that has been created for you could be undone in one home colour disaster. If your grey roots are bad and you can’t hold out. We would recommend using a temporary Root Touch Up Spray to cover regrowth while our salons are closed.

L’Oréal Root Touch Spray Up comes in a number of shades, which include Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black and Warm Blonde. Formulated with make-up pigments, it blends seamlessly with your hair to give a great coverage. You are able to remove it in one shampoo and the fine nozzle makes it is easy to apply.

This one below is similar and available in super value.

Blonde Hair

For our blonde clients, if the roots are coming through Moroccan-oil light tone dry shampoo can help disguise them,

Formulated with ultra-fine rice starch that absorbs oil, product build up and odor, leaving your hair instantly cleansed and refreshed with the signature Moroccanoil scent. Also with UV-protect, the argan oil-infused formula contains tones to work with your hair colour whether that is light tones, subtle violet pigments—similar to the concept of purple shampoo—help balance brassiness and bring out the best in light-colored hair or dark tones which maintains the natural richness of dark-colored hair – simply choose the best one for you!

How to use:

  • Shake really well.
  • Spray 6-8 inches from the dry roots of your hair.
  • Massage into your scalp and hair for even distribution
  • We would recommend using this product even when your hair is freshly washed, so that it keeps working when oil and build up start.
  • Brush out.

L’Oréal Blonde Absalu range is a favourite with our clients , stylists and colour specialists.


Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet is a stronger, neutralising shampoo that helps remove brassiness and unwanted yellow tones from the hair in favour of a cooler shade. It leaves the hair feeling super soft and silky, and is perfect for giving your hair and colour a real pick me up.

Brown Hair

For our brown or brunette clients, if your roots are coming through

WOW root covers up is one of our client’s favourites which you can brush on the hair to camouflage grey hair.

It’s just temporary washes out as soon as you shampoo your hair.

It’s a mineral powder that instantly Cover Roots. Its compressed compact form makes it very easy to apply and cover up dreaded roots and regrowth quickly and easily – with no mess – for perfect results in under a minute.

I find  the  best online shop for products is shampoo.ie  . As for home remedies your hair will benefit from

  • Less frequent washing
  • Less frequent blow drying
  • Less heat damage from styling tools such as tongs and straighteners

You can also get creative with your parting, zigzags and deep side partings will disguise roots or  you.

L’Oréal wet domination is ideal to slick hair back to cover up roots.

Braids and plaits

This is another thing you can do, and it will also pass some time. The twists and turns will make your roots less noticeable. And if you are a blond with a dark root, braids look amazing. It will make your blonde look blonder and the roots will get some texture. Head onto YouTube and you will learn a new skill.


Headbands, scarfs, sunglasses or even a hat! Anything like that will help. Hairdryer make sure the nozzle is on the dryer to make it smooth (so many don’t put the nozzle on). And we all have loads of time so dry on a medium heat. Save your money now for a well-deserved trip to the hairdressers when this is all over. Maybe the deep treatments with solids. 10 pumps or elixir or Moroccanoil for the day and wash it that eve (removes build up). Masks are great and a good shampoo without silicone (shop bought ones) (Silicone is what builds up on the hair so when they put heat in it that’s the smoke/steam they see coming off it).

Tips and tricks

Try not to tie it up the same every time (bobbins will damage that one area) Use the spiral bobbins or just pins. Don’t tie up wet and hang up the straightener for a few weeks.

As for now we would advise you to embrace the grey and try not go down the road of box dyes. If it goes wrong, it’s wrong for a long time! Your colourist generally would mix different colours, tones and under tones to get the individual colour for you, so using one shade from the box really won’t suffice. Try go with the masking tips for now.

If you have to;

  • Always skin test first
  • Go one shade lighter than normal; you can always go darker but if the colour comes out to dark, lighting it back is a big problem
  • Only apply to your roots
  • Don’t leave on longer than instructions
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